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How to build your sustainable network of professional and personal connections

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What I share

You've probably heard the saying "Your network is your net worth" by author Tim Sanders. Just like any other investment, investment in our social capital takes time, focus and targeted effort. But the result is rewarding. This is proved by many successful professionals. But why are many still shy or "lazy" to talk to a stranger? What are the reasons for this and how to create new habits? How to grow your network? Create a wide or smaller but deeper circle? How can you empower your network to help you achieve your goals and how can you help them?

Such proverbs as "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are" or the British "We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with" only confirm that consciously surrounding ourselves with inspiring, motivating people is also one of the most important ingredients to our personal success. My choices to appear in places, events, organizations among interesting people not only gave me the most beautiful moments of my life, but also almost all my professional work positions. And while working, many goals were achieved thanks to the cultivated network of contacts.

So, combining my experience with the most interesting international research and stories, I will help you discover how to build your own sustainable network of professional and personal connections.

Apie mane

About me

During more than 15 years of professional career in Lithuania and the world, I have created a strong network. Due to my passion to connect people, a few years ago I began to receive more and more invitations to share my Networking experience. Therefore, I created talks and trainings for professionals, in which participants discover a new point of view, valuable insights and inspiration to consciously grow their authentic circle of connections.

​Today, I am the Director of the philanthropic Mariaus Jakulis Jason Foundation, which provides financial support to scientists, students and entrepreneurs who want to return and create in Lithuania. Before contributing to the development of this fund, for almost 6 years I managed Global Lithuanian Leaders - a network of international Lithuanian professionals around the world. This is where I realized that my calling in life is to connect people, create communities. Before returning to Lithuania, I spent three years in Asia, where I worked in the PR department at the Asia-Europe Foundation in Singapore and in the marketing team at the international Limkokwing University of Creative Technologies, Malaysia.


I shared my knowledge with these teams:


15 min-1 HOUR

Talk and discussion with the participants

Honorarium is arranged case by case


2 hours

Honorarium is arranged case by case

1,5 hour

Personal networking strategy mentorship session

150 eur


Authors of photos:

Martynas Zaremba, Augustinas Žukovas, 

Tomas Razmus, Donata Vengalytė, Jorigis Jasiūnas.

The photos were taken at Global Lithuanian Leaders, LT Big Brother, Laisvės picnic, ISM events.

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